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The result has been legions of technical experts, but not necessarily well-rounded leaders capable of facing the trials of the corporate world or providing a moral compass for their organizations. Increasingly, business schools are recognizing the need to supplement student training with lessons from the humanities in order to prepare students as well for the messy human struggles they are also likely to meet after graduation. Badaracco Jr. For the past 10 years, Badaracco has taught literature to second-year M.

When leaders encounter complex crises, Badaracco argues, flexibility may be more important than firmness. But how will that tarnish your character? Every dishonest moment sets you up for the possibility of being exposed as a fraud, a characterless imp. Someone asks you how you like their gaudy shirt and you rave about it, though inside you are laughing at them is one example. It seems like the nice thing to say. But later, someone else will ask you what you really think of their outfit.

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Then you will be in a bind. You just set them up for failure by not being honest. I am NOT suggesting that we should be cruel. What I am saying is that we need to find polite and nice ways to tell the truth.

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Did you do that today? Did you have the courage to be honest?

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There are risks to living with integrity. You may lose a job or a relationship.

Your Characters Are Not Real People, But Don’t Let Your Readers Know That

But ultimately, your character will be stronger because you told the truth. One of my weekly exercises is to read over a list of values that I have developed for myself. It is like a personal constitution. I recommend writing them out and reviewing them often.

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  7. It was several years ago now that I was talking about this principle with a young lady and she shared what some of her own values. Among them, was that she would never prostitute herself. She did not write it down, and did not review it after that conversation. I remember one afternoon, I was driving home from work, and there she was prostituting.

    A few months later, I again was talking with her at the shelter where I worked and she explained that she owed a drug dealer some money, so she was desperate. These values might come from any source.

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    Many of mine were shaped by my time in the military, my time in Boy Scouts, and from my faith. Find your values and write them down.

    You may need to rewrite them several times until you really take them in. But living with integrity requires a solid foundation of values. Growing up, my mom seemed to have a sixth sense about when I was going to do something wrong. She could sense if I was not living up to the values that she had presented to me throughout my life. Technology and Operations Management. Print Email. Format: Print Find at Harvard. Citation: Badaracco, Joseph L. About the Author Joseph L. Revised March View Details. Cite View Details Purchase Related.

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    In capitalist and some socialist economies, these responsibilities traditionally have been grounded in fiduciary duties and are typically part of the common law or statutory law or are incorporated in civil codes. But, as this note will show, fiduciary obligations are deeply intertwined with economic and ethical responsibilities. Citation: Goldberg, Lena G. Revised January Sucher , Joseph Badaracco and Bridget Gurtler When we think of human behavior, especially from a moral perspective, we often rely on explanations based on character.

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