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Applications Field Robotics. Modeling, Simulation, and Identification: general kinematic models of wheeled mobile robots undergoing slip in arbitrary terrain, methods to calibrate such models in real-time based on autonomy sensing. Position estimation and mapping: systems for factory AGVs based on image mosaic or lidar maps wearable inertial navigation systems for mine workers or first responders.

Motion Control and Path Planning: algorithms to invert vehicle models to produce accurate feedforward trajectories methods to generate path following and obstacle avoidance trajectories in nonholonomic control.

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Architecture and Infrastructure: data structures that support efficient representation of the relative motion of the robot and the environment optimal real-time control approaches to resolving the often conflicting goals of local planning and planning on the scale of s of kilometers. Human Interfaces: methods to allow humans to drive robots remotely based on a synthetic rendering of the vehicle in the context of its sensor measurements of its surroundings.

Theoretical Mobile Robotics: models of error propagation in odometry and triangulation methods to optimize the design of search spaces for constraint satisfaction or probability of funding a solution in fixed time. Additional Interests Find more detailed information on my research interests here.

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Displaying 87 Publications. Steck - Prerequisites : First course in calculus. Prerequisites : Course 1- No pre-requisite courses.

Only background of standard college level mathematics is assumed. Prerequisites : A course in electricity and magnetism A course in waves and mechanics. Prerequisites : Revision of continuous and discrete time linear observers Continuous-time nonlinear observation theory: the Hermann-Krener theory, local decompositions and uniform observability Continuous-time nonlinear observation theory after Gauthier-Kupka: differential observability and canonical forms Recent advances on the observability of coupled cell networks Stochastic observation theory: linear filtering, the Kalman filter Moving horizon estimation: computational aspects Nonlinear filtering: computational aspects.

Prerequisites : Classical stochastic control and Markov decision processes. Bellman equation, dynamic programming and LP formulation Partially observed Markov decision processes. Reduction to the fully observed case. Linear quadratic Gaussian problem, Certainty equivalence and separation principle.

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Information structure. Witsenhausen problem. Discussion on current state of the art. Information theory. Introduction to entropy and mutual information. Coding theorems of information theory - channel coding and source coding and rate distortion theory. Control with communication constraints. Stabilization over noisy channels. Anytime capacity. Information structure and teams. Static and partially nested linear-quadratic Gaussian teams. Optimization approach to stochastic control and information theory. Arnold, Ordinary Differential Equations -, Springer, Isidori, Nonlinear Control Systems -, Springer, Neijmier and A.

In addition, the following is a non-exhaustive list of references: R.

by Krzysztof R. Kozlowski

Boyd and L. Hajek, Probability with Engineering Applications B. SC - Optimization Introduction to interval analysis. The following is a non-exhaustive list of references: B. Hajek, Probability with Engineering Applications A. Balakrishnan, Kalman Filtering Theory B. Moore, Optimal Filtering A.

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Singh, M. Bhattacharyya, H. Chappelat, L. However, additional material and problems might be derived from the following sources: P. Ioannou and J. Sastry and M. SC - Analytic and Geometric Dynamics Prerequisites : An understanding of vector spaces equivalent to SC Elementary Newtonian Dynamic Dynamics of systems of particles - Newton's laws and rotational analogues, work-energy and impulse-momentum relationships, Kinematics of particles and rigid bodies, Impact problems, Changing mass problems.

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  • Modelling and Identification in Robotics;
  • Holm, T. Schmah and C. Marsden and T. Ratiu, Springer-Verlag, SC - Control of Langrangian and Hamiltonian Systems Prerequisites : Vector Spaces Linear Algebra Rigid body motions, Hamilton's principle, Euler - Lagrange equations, holonomic and nonholonomic constraints Differentiable manifolds, tangent bundles, distributions, fiber bundles, differential forms Symplectic manifolds, Poisson manifolds, momentum maps, the mechanical connection Dirac structures, distributed parameter systems, Stokes' theorem, Energy-Casimid techniques Application domains: Modelling and control of physical systems like 1 a flexible beam on a cart 2 fluid in a tank and 3 a plug-flow reactor, from a Dirac structure perspective.

    Bloch, Springer, Morari and T. Houpis, S. SC - Differential Geometric Methods in Control Prerequisites : Vector Spaces Linear Algebra Outline: Hamilton's principle, Euler-Lagrange equations, holonomic and non-holonomic constraints, Lagrange D'Alembert equations, examples -rolling coin, knife edge, rolling sphere Rotations, rigid body motions and the Lie groups SO 3 and SE 3 , the Lie algebras so 3 and se 3 , the exponential map, twists and screw representations. Murray, Z. Li and S. Van der Schaft, Springer, Ordinary Differential Equations - V.

    Arnold, Springer, Spivak, W. Benjamin Inc, Bullo and J. Beard, Springer, SC - Introduction to Probability and Random Processes Discrete-type random variables - random variables and probability mass function, mean and variance, conditional probabilities - independence, Baye's formula - discrete distributions: Bernoulli, binomial, geometric, Poisson maximum likelihood estimation Continuous-type random variables - cumulative distribution functions, probability density function - independence, Baye's formula - continuous distributions: uniform, exponential, Gaussian, chi-square - functions of random variables.

    Joint distributions, transformation of probability functions under maps, joint Gaussian distribution. Minimum mean square error estimation Basic ideas of the probabilistic method-the first and second moment techniques References : Text Probability with Engineering Applications by B. Hajek , Cambridge University Press, Tsitsiklis, Athena Scientific, SC - Variable Structure and Sliding Mode Control Introduction to variable structure system, phase plane analysis, Discontinuous system- solution in Filippov sense, Sliding Hyper plane design-pole placement and LQR method, Reachability condition, Digital sliding mode control, Reaching law for discrete-time sliding mode DSM , DSM for matched and unmatched uncertainties, DSM using multirate technique, Finite time and terminal sliding mode, Sliding mode observer, Integral sliding mode, Integral sliding mode with nonlinear composite feedback control CNF ,Second order sliding mode control and observation, Application of sliding mode control- Flight control design, Smart structure, slosh container system and Nuclear reactor.

    Edwards and S. Bandyopadhyay and S. Janardhanan, Vol. Bandyopadhyay, Deepak Fulwani and K. Kim, Vol. Basar and G. Wiley-Blackwell, 4th ed, M. Osborne and A. Course in Game Theory. MIT Press, S. Yuksel and T. Birkhauser, Schattler and U. Bardi and I. Capuzo-Dolcetta, Birkhauser, Boston, Borenstein, H. Everett and L. Feng,e-book Introduction to autonomous mobile robots by R. Siegwart, I. Nourbaksh and D.

    Thrun, W. Burgard and D.

    Control structure

    Hamann, Springer. LaViers and M. Egerstedt, Springer, Notes will be provided on some topics. SC - Theory of Output Regulation Prerequisites : SC or Instructor Consent Introduction to the linear regulator problem, linear regulator equations, robust output regulation, repetitive control, transfer function approach to output regulation, center manifold theorem, nonlinear regulator equations, immersion of dynamical systems, brief introduction to infinite-dimensional systems, output regulation for linear infinite-dimensional systems.

    The lecture notes, and handouts given during the class, will be sufficient. Some relevant books are listed below. Knobloch, A.

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