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It is important to move yourself up the learning curve to prepare for the next steps. The more you can find out now by reading and informal knowledge gathering, the more effective will be the semi-structured interviews and the subsequent steps that involve modelling. You now need to select those that are most applicable to this stage Read relevant sections from documents, websites and databases Analyse and model relevant sections from documents, websites and databases.

Exciting times are ahead for those working in the world of knowledge. Enter supporting content here. For all but the shortest document, it is important to identify which parts of the document, website or database will be of most use for the project. A Concept of Strategy John L.

Quotes from References of Interest. Viva La Vida. Quotes on Thinking. Quotes on Planning. Quotes on Strategy. Quotes Concerning Problem Solving.

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The limitations of the human brain will remain a bottleneck of progress for many years to come. We will develop artificially intelligent knowledge processors not earlier than in a decade or two. Knowledge and death: Death poses an ageless challenge of educating new generations. Years of hard work needed to gain knowledge on professorial level are obliterated in a single act of death.

Newborns need to go through years of education before they are able to access, read, and comprehend this text. They all have to struggle with basic literacy skills, lessons of safe sex and teen pregnancy, lessons on superiority of altruism over egoism, the difference between wise and not-so-wise choices, existential questions, etc. Although constant reeducation may contribute to gaining a fresh perspective in each generation, it is also painfully wasteful.

As yet, there is no efficient remedy to the death of knowledge. All we can do is to attach more weight to healthy lifestyle and health research. Those two promote longevity of knowledge in a single generation. Knowledge and forgetting: Forgetting is a natural process that makes it possible to efficiently use the limited memory space of the brain. We forget to dispose of knowledge deemed less important in order to make space for knowledge of higher importance. Currently we have only a limited control over what we remember and what we forget.

Today, the most important tool that we can use to prevent forgetting is practice. We can minimize time needed for practice by using spaced repetition i. Spaced repetition is the key to maximizing knowledge within a single human lifetime see below for more details. Immortal knowledge: Artificial intelligence is our best hope for approaching immortal knowledge.

It can nearly eliminate the problem of death except for the heat death of the universe. It can also eliminate the problem of forgetting at least within the bounds of the available storage. Today, however, the best path towards immortal knowledge must still rely on the use of the human brain by maximizing its learning capacity. There are five main areas where the learning process can be enhanced. All these areas will be discussed in this article:. The Internet is an excellent source of knowledge. Its quality and role will for long continue increasing exponentially as more and more people appreciate its potential and contribute to its growth.

Knowledge Acquisition in Practice: A Step-by-step Guide (Decision Engineering)

There are still many complementary sources of information that compete successfully with the Internet. However, it is only a question of time before you will be safely able to rely on the Internet as your sole source of information. The three main factors that limit the value of the Internet as the source of information today:.

Despite the Internet's limitations, you can safely commit yourself today to making the net your chief source of knowledge in your quest for new knowledge in nearly all areas of well-rounded self-instruction. The abundance of free encyclopedias, journals, dictionaries, databases, stand-alone articles and thematic websites is mind-boggling. All you need for the purpose of knowledge access is a web browser and basic net-searching skills combined with an understanding of the power of individual search engines such as www.

Throughout this article, I will try to demonstrate that you will need a tool for efficient prioritizing and reviewing information: SuperMemo for Windows.

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  6. The true power and importance of SuperMemo comes from ensuring high retention of knowledge. SuperMemo will also help you greatly increase the quality of reading by means of a technique called: incremental reading. In addition to its main strengths, SuperMemo can also assist in the field of knowledge access. You will certainly face the need to fill the gaps in your knowledge in many more areas than your time permits or your memory makes possible.

    You can ask SuperMemo to help you scrupulously note down and prioritize all areas of knowledge that need an enhancement! The extent of global knowledge resources can be measured in terabytes. One terabyte is a thousand gigabytes, while one gigabyte is a rough equivalent of the Encyclopaedia Britannica whose 44 million words would most likely all fit your today's hard disk space.

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    The US Library of Congress is estimated to amount to 25 terabytes of knowledge. Human DNA code kept at Celera takes 80 terabytes. At the same time, the so-called deep web year may encompass as much as 7, terabytes deep web includes the static web extended by dynamic information retrievable from web databases. It will take only three years from today to produce more data than in the whole of human history say researchers at the University of California. Only a fraction of those resources can be mastered by an individual in a single human lifetime.

    Even a single copy of the Encyclopaedia Britannica goes in detail far beyond what a single human being can encompass in a lifetime! The actual speed of learning and lifetime learning limits can be measured with SuperMemo see: Theoretical aspects of SuperMemo. The microscopic capacity of the human brain has not prevented it from building the present civilization as we know it.

    The human power comes from:. This article will show you how to prevent forgetting. However, forgetting plays an important role in our lives. It runs a valuable garbage collection on knowledge we acquire daily. If the power of forgetting is taken away, your responsibilities in the area of selecting knowledge increase manifold! A piece of information that occupies just several bytes of your hard disk may carry a relative value that my translate to a net gain of millions of dollars as well as a net loss of millions of dollars.

    It may also carry no value whatsoever. At the same time, an item related to a Heimlich maneuver can save the life of a family member. We know that the expected payoff equals the value of the payoff multiplied by its probability; therefore, the low probability of a family member choking and the probability of actual successful application of the maneuver make the value of "Heimlich item" a fraction of the value of the human life.

    At the same time, even minor errors in medical knowledge of a physician can actually cost somebody's life and carry substantial negative value!