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A fountain of songs is rising, who has been silent for too long; from the brush sounds clear and light the sweet voice again!

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Ah, gently the nightingale lets stream the first notes, so as not to disturb the queen; hush, all you other singers! More powerful soon chimes her sweet voice.

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Oh, soon, oh, oh soon! Oh, song of the nightingale, sweet sound, ah yes!

Frühlingsstimmen, Op. 410 - Fruhlingsstimmen (Voices of Spring), Op. 410

Glowing with love, ah, ah, ah, sounds the song, ah and the sound, sweet and cosy, seems to carry a plaintive note, ah, ah rocks the heart to sweet dreams, ah, ah, ah, ah, most gently! Longing and desire ah, ah, ah lives in my breast, ah, if the song anxiously calls for me, from afar the stars twinkle, ah, ah in shimmering magic like the moons beam, ah, ah, ah, ah wavers through the valley!

As haltingly vanishes the night, the lark starts to sing, ah, the light she promises, shadows recede! Ah springs voices sound like home, Ah yes, ah yes oh sweet sound, Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah yes.

Used with permission. For other uses, see Voices of Spring disambiguation.

Johann Strauss II. Sinngedichte , Op. Petersburg , Op.

Patricia JANEČKOVÁ: "Frühlingsstimmen" (Johann Strauss II)

Herzenslust , Op. Persischer Marsch , Op. Debut-Quadrille , Op. Her ancestry was originally from the Netherlands, and she soon moved to live in the Dutch community of Scranton, Pennsylvania, with her parents and three sisters. Family was all-important to her one sister acted as a vocal stand-in for her when needed, and her father managed her career for many years.

Frühlingsstimmen (Voices of Spring), Op. 410 (RV 410)

She was three years old when she first sang on radio, eventually going on to provide vocals over the airwaves with Paul Whiteman's band. When she was 12 she was engaged by a small New York opera company, thus becoming the youngest member of an opera troupe in the United States at that time. During her training as an operatic coloratura soprano, her voice teacher Leah Russel took her to an audition held by 'Universal Pictures' producer Joe Pasternak in Pasternak had previously guided Deanna Durbin to stardom, and now wanted a younger singer to make the same kind of musicals.

Although hundreds of others joined the auditions, she was triumphant in being chosen. Given a 'Universal' contract under her shortened name, she first took the lead role in the movie feature "The Under-Pup" in , becoming instantly popular with moviegoers after they watched her performance in this film.

However, her best-known picture was probably her fourth - "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break" , in which she co-starred with the comic actor W C Fields, and in which she is featured here.


All-in-all, she starred or co-starred in a total of 26 feature films between and , as well as making numerous radio, television, stage and nightclub appearances. She had been married just once, for four years before divorcing, and had no children. Posted: 25th September