Manual Fright Night - What Went Down (d20 System)

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Yeah, that's what everybody says. The Royal Salon, France, early 18th Century: a minefield of verbal sparring, whispered plots and social combat. Tread carefully Save Add Play. You and your party creep along the twisting, torch-lit hallways of the abandoned mine. Pro tip: let the barbarian lead.

A treacherous path through towering mountain peaks is the only way through. Pray your supplies don't run out, and your party stays together. Industrial Shipyard ambience. Massive derricks heave containers from cargo ships overhead, while all manner of human activity occurs down below. When not being overrun by filthy orcses, Middle Earth can be a beautiful place. The massive viewports on this orbital platform allow for breathtaking views of this sectors' impressive stellar phenomena.

Dark and Stormy ambience.

Fright Night - What Went Down (d20 System)

Bulwer-Lytton Save Add Play. Across space and time, a verdant world has evolved without mankind. How can a planet be simultaneously peaceful and deadly? Terror ambience. There are doors you should not open. Places you should never see. Turn back Colosseum ambience.

Equal parts blood sport, theater and ritual murder. The Roman gladiators entertained the populace for over years. Medieval Town ambience. Life inside the walls, where commerce, struggle and celebration mingle with honor, chaos and crime. Ice Cavern ambience.

Soaring vaults of ice echo and groan, amplifying the freezing wind and hollow noises within. Mountain Tavern ambience. An oasis of warmth and hospitality in a harsh and unforgiving environment. Warm up in front of the fire, and share a mug of spiced wine. Strangers on a Train ambience.

With its lush interiors, fine dining and finer passengers, the Orient Express was the most well-appointed overland transportation available. An old cement factory on the outskirts of town. Power still works. Sort of. The perfect spot to disappear - or make things disappear. Woodland Campsite ambience.

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Every adventurer needs downtime. Here's a nice spot in the woods to rest the horses and enjoy a hot meal over a fire.

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  5. Like a Michael Bay movie in your head. Calling all heroes.

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    The villainous tropes are on the loose! Goblin's Cave ambience. Journey up the winding path, follow the stream into the mouth of the cavern. Light your torches. Overland with Oxen ambience. Your party has assembled, your cart is loaded with supplies, your oxen are sturdy. Just keep your eyes peeled for trouble on the road.

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    There be Dragons ambience. Wiping the last of the Kobold blood from your axe, you glare in the direction of the Cleric.

    Cathedral ambience. Cavernous, cold and quiet. Ethereal chants and muted footsteps. Paladins welcome.

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    The collapse of Japanese aristocratic rule ushered in an age of feudalism and chaos. Wealthy regional lords used Samurai as their private armies. Victorian London ambience. London, Streets awash in noise - Merchants, organ grinders, Hansom cabs and the ever present din of humanity.

    Thank god for the rain. Amid the bustle of commerce, life under the dome runs smoothly. It almost makes one forget the hostile environment beyond. Rise of the Ancients ambience. Lovecraft Save Add Play. Starship Bridge ambience. The hum of engines, the vibrations of deck plates - as familiar to you as a childhood lullaby. Order, duty and experience keeps ships in the sky. Temple of the Eye ambience. Hooded figures gather around a gleaming eye, smoke wriggles like serpents to the ceiling. What dark energies have these voices awakened? Into the Deep ambience.

    If the darkness, pressure and isolation don't get you, the shadows in the trench just might. This kind of work isn't for everyone. Two great armies lumber toward each other like centipedes of metal, flesh and bone. The ensuing conflict fuels song, poetry and legend for centuries. Vast expanses of sand, hypnotic surf and the cries of gulls on the wing. Now there's that small issue of getting off this island paradise alive Catacombs ambience.

    Dimly lit and twisting. The passages lead deeper and deeper under the city. The skulls of heroes past look on with blank anticipation. Towering spires of glass, neon and steel - dense air traffic and a constant rain that never cleanses. Apologies to the Greek. Hot, humid and swarming with insects of every kind. You'd go around if you could, but you know the only path is through. Or if you prefer - "That's funny. The damage doesn't look as bad from out here.