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If they do not match, they are automatically turned facedown again and play passes to other player. Play continues until the last pair has been matched.

Animal Memory Game - Stages Learning Materials

The winner is the player with the most pairs. Medio: haz parejas en un tablero de 4x3. Easy: find matching pairs in a 2x3 board.

Namibian elephant memory - extreme animals - BBC wildlife

Medium: find matching pairs in a 4x3 board. Difficult: find matching pairs in a 5x4 board.

Desarrolla la memoria. Aprender animales de la granja y sus sonidos.

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Resumen de resultados: parejas, turnos y tiempo. Features Up to 4 different players. Develops memory. Improve hand-eye coordination and attention.

Animal Memory Game

Learn farm animalsand their sounds. Colorful graphics. Turn audio and music on and off for quiet time. Score board: matches, turns, and time.

Did you like it? A third experiment showed that the rats' source memory, the means by which it retrieved the chocolate, lasted for a week rather than the one day that other, more ordinary forms of memory last. This provided converging evidence, said Crystal, that the rats were relying on source memory insofar as source memories decay more slowly than other memory systems.

In the fourth experiment, the rats could obtain the chocolate when the researcher placed them at the trough. The rats remembered this rule, too. Finally, in the fifth experiment, researchers temporarily disabled the rats' hippocampus, the brain region thought to be crucial for accurate source memory.

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If the task requires source memory, inactivating that area would impair the ability to remember source information, which it did. But the mechanism that supports it is open. We're now interested in working out the sub-areas of the hippocampus that are involved in episodic memory, testing hypotheses about different regions being involved in short-term and long-term episodic memory, working out the neuroanatomical pathways. Materials provided by Indiana University.

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Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. The study further opens up the possibility of creating animal models of memory disorders.

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Story Source: Materials provided by Indiana University. Source Memory in the Rat. Current Biology , ; DOI: ScienceDaily, 27 February Indiana University. Discovery on animal memory opens doors to research on memory impairment diseases. Retrieved September 23, from www. The new study in mouse models of the disorder marks the first time that schizophrenia's